Frösundavik is like an all inclusive hotel for businesses and perfect for those who want to get more out of their work life. Located in the middle of a national park and yet only minutes away from the city as well as having Arenastaden right next door.

In the property you will find a fully equipped fitness centre and group training for all preferences and pleasurable jogging paths in the beautiful Haga Park. There are large and small conference rooms and auditoriums with catering facilities as well as postal services, reception services, and facility management services. Additionally, you are never more than a few steps away from a generous lunch menu or a relaxing coffee break. Life becomes easier with everything under one roof.

Welcome to Frösundavik with space for more.

Time of departures

Here you can see all departures from Frösundavik in real time.

Commuter Solna station

40Södertälje centrum5 min
42XMärsta8 min
42XNynäshamn11 min
41Södertälje centrum14:25
40Uppsala C22 min
41Älvsjö26 min
41Upplands Väsby29 min

Light Rail line Solna station


Underground - Blue lineSolna Centrum

11Kungsträdgården2 min
11Akalla4 min
11Kungsträdgården10 min
11Akalla14 min
11Kungsträdgården17 min

Bus Frösunda strand

67Skansen via Solna stn & Odenplan3 min
67Skansen via Solna stn & Odenplan20 min

Bus Frösunda port

509Danderyds sjukhusNu
509Brommaplan6 min
509Danderyds sjukhus13 min
509Brommaplan20 min
508Karolinska sjukhuset14:28
509Danderyds sjukhus27 min

Underground - Red lineBergshamra

14Fruängen2 min
14Mörby centrum4 min
14Mörby centrum14:10
14Telefonplan8 min
14Mörby centrum8 min
14Mörby centrum14 min
14Mörby centrum19 min
14Mörby centrum25 min
14Mörby centrum14:33

Bus Frösunda

607Danderyds sjh via SollentunaNu
177Skärvik4 min
176Mörby station7 min
607Karolinska sjukhuset13 min
607Danderyds sjh via Sollentuna13 min
177Mörby station17 min
177Skärvik20 min
176Mörby station23 min
607Danderyds sjh via Sollentuna14:33

Direct bus CityterminalenFrösunda

  Destination ;MON-FRI
565X Cityterminalen 15:10
565X Cityterminalen 15:40
565X Cityterminalen 16:10
565X Cityterminalen 16:40
565X Cityterminalen 17:10
565X Cityterminalen 17:40