”A direct trip to Arlanda airport by bus.”

Gustaf Wiklund, Commvault

Gustaf Wiklund works as head of the Nordic Region for Commvault. The location of Frösundavik was the deciding factor for moving the company there 1.5 years ago. Because Gustaf travels several days a week for work he really appreciates how easy it is to get to Arlanda airport. The bus that takes him straight to the airport for his flights stops at the property.

Commvault is a global IT company. Every week employees from all over the world fly in order to work at Frösundavik. For that reason the proximity to the city centre and airport buses are a major advantage for the daily operations of Commvault. It only takes Gustaf 10 minutes to get to Frösundavik from his home in Stocksund making it the perfect workplace for him. For you, there might be something else that makes Frösundavik the perfect workplace.