Frösundavik has a strategically perfect location, just outside of the congestion charges, but ideally close to town. It takes only a few minutes to get to the E4 motorway from the property’s garage or parking, which then quickly takes you to town or out in the country. To get to Arlanda it will take 15 minutes by car and the busses will quickly take you to Odenplan, Solna Centrum and Bergshamra, where you will find the commuter trains and underground.

Additionally, Frösundavik is ideal for cycling or walking to work. At the moment, work is underway to build a new “bicycle motorway” that will go between Norrtull and Kista, passing through Frösundavik.

Have a look at Trafikverket’s animation over the bicycle route here

Find your way here

Frösundavik is always close. You can easily get here from all directions and in many different ways.
Which way is yours?


Nice walkways lead to and from Frösundavik. If you leave from Solna station or Mall of Scandinavia, it takes less than 10 min and on the way you pass little Frösunda Herrgård and a lovely old orchard.


Bicycling is the enivironmentally friendly and healthy way to get to work. You bicycle straight to the property and your bike is safe and secure in our bicycle garage. In addition, the new “bicycle motorway” will come directly to Frösundavik. Take a look at the project here


Outside of Frösundavik there are about ten different buses. They come from central Stockholm, Danderyd, Ekerö and Solna. The 565x express bus from the City Terminal stops here and the airport buses.


If you choose to take the car you will find all major traffic routes nearby. E20, E18 and E4 are only a stone’s throw from Frösundavik.

commuter trains

With the new city rail line, the commuter trains received two new train stations, Stockholm City and Stockholm Odenplan. From here you can easily switch to the underground. There is only one stop between Odenplan and Solna station and it only take a minute or two.

Light Rail line

The light rail train line cross-connects Stockholm’s commuter and underground rail networks. It takes you from Sickla Udde to Solna Station, which is one of the newly built stations. The light rail train is constantly expanding and more stations are currently in progress.


You can take the underground all the way to Solna with the blue line. If you are on the red or green line, you can travel to T-centralen or Odenplan. From there you can easily switch to the city shuttle that connects the underground and commuter trains.


From here it is easy to get to your flight. Bromma Airport is located near Frösundavik and the airport buses to and from Arlanda stop right outside.


In Frösundavik you are always close to water. Do you live in Sollentuna, Danderyd or on Lidingö, then it is perfect for a boat or kayak trip all the way to work via Brunnsviken.

Time of departures

Here you can see all departures from Frösundavik in real time.

Commuter Solna station

41Upplands Väsby1 min
41Södertälje centrum1 min
41Märsta8 min
41Södertälje centrum9 min
40Uppsala C16 min
40Södertälje centrum16 min
41Märsta23 min
41Tumba24 min

Light Rail line Solna station


Underground - Blue lineSolna Centrum

11Kungsträdgården4 min
11Akalla7 min
11Kungsträdgården12 min
11Akalla14 min
11Kungsträdgården19 min
11Akalla21 min
11Kungsträdgården26 min

Bus Frösunda strand

57Sofia via Solna stn & Odenplan15 min
57Sofia via Solna stn & Odenplan23 min

Bus Frösunda port

57Frösundavik6 min
509Danderyds sjukhus6 min
508Karolinska sjukhuset8 min
509Solna centrum11 min
508Danderyds sjukhus13 min
509Danderyds sjukhus13 min
57Frösundavik13 min
57Sofia19 min
57Sofia25 min
57Frösundavik25 min
509Solna centrum26 min
509Danderyds sjukhus28 min

Underground - Red lineBergshamra

14Mörby centrum3 min
14Fruängen4 min
14Mörby centrum8 min
14Fruängen9 min
14Fruängen14 min
14Mörby centrum14 min
14Mörby centrum18 min
14Mörby centrum23 min
14Mörby centrum28 min

Bus Frösunda

176Mörby stationNu
156Danderyds sjukhus16:59
176Stenhamra2 min
516Häggvik2 min
526Sollentuna station3 min
561Jakobsbergs station3 min
565Brunnby Vik6 min
57Frösundavik8 min
565XX Stockholm C8 min
516Häggvik9 min
177Skärvik10 min
176Mörby station10 min
508Danderyds sjukhus14 min
561Jakobsbergs station14 min
177Mörby station14 min
526Sollentuna station15 min
156Danderyds sjukhus15 min
57Frösundavik16 min
177Mörby station16 min
526Karolinska sjukhuset16 min
565Brunnby Vik22 min
565XX Stockholm C22 min
561Karolinska sjukhuset24 min
176Stenhamra25 min
57Frösundavik28 min
561Jakobsbergs station29 min
176Mörby station29 min
526Sollentuna station29 min

Direct bus CityterminalenFrösunda

  Destination MON-FRI
565X Cityterminalen 15:10
565X Cityterminalen 15:40
565X Cityterminalen 16:10
565X Cityterminalen 16:40
565X Cityterminalen 17:10
565X Cityterminalen 17:40